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Please Join Our Effort To Rein in the Threat of
Unregulated Human Engineering and Human-Animal Crossbreeding


Remember, this isn't just about supporting the Missouri initiative, this is chiefly about developing a national and international effort to get ahead of the eugenicists and transhumanists.   Our goal is to focus public debate around real legislation (and or voter initiated referenda) that will to erect preemptive bans on human engineering.


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The Elliot Institute for Social Sciences Research is a 501(c)3 organization engaged in research and educational activities related to the effects of eugenics, abortion, population control, and sexual attitudes and practices on individuals and society at large.  We are particularly well known for our work in the field of research and education related to the negative physical and psychological effects associated with abortion.

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This public education effort is sponsored by the Elliot Institute as part of its Coalition to Regulate Human Engineering and Human-Animal Crossbreeding project.
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