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We believe the real issue facing Missouri voters is not about cures.  It is fundamentally about who will decide the future composition of humankind, in quantity, quality, and genetic makeup.

Every biologist, biotech executive and bioethicist recognizes that this is true, but they often want to skirt these issues in the public debate, preferring to focus on the promise of "cures," which provokes hope rather than fear in the average person who is not familiar with the drive toward human engineering.

We believe the following are important questions to ask every expert you may interview who may oppose our initiative to reserve the right to regulate human engineering to the voters.

  • Where do you draw the line in changing the genes of human beings?
  • Is there a consensus among scientists and biotech firms to respect that line?
  • Would you support an initiative to create a preemptive ban on experiments and procedures that would cross your line?
  • Do you believe there is any inherent dignity that attaches to human life?  Or are we just walking collections of chemicals and neurological impulses?


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This public education effort is sponsored by the Elliot Institute as part of its Coalition to Regulate Human Engineering and Human-Animal Crossbreeding project.

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